Rise up & conquer your life

this military life... it's not an easy one. so much to navigate through - the deployments & training schedule, the moves, the loneliness,   - that's it's easy to lose track of who you are.


being married to a service member or veteran can be depleting when we constantly give of ourselves. we often don't even realize how much we do sacrifice alongside our loved one. sometimes we feel alone and unhappy, we miss our family and hometown friends. And finding career fulfillment is almost non-existent. 

Combat deployments and transitions out of the military are near traumatic for many of us. but we keep this part of ourselves buried deep, telling ourselves that we have to stay strong all the time. we feel Ashamed for not always being all our spouse needs us to be.

But you're not alone. There is a whole community of women going through exactly what you are going through. join us... and be a part of a community of strong military wives. just like you.


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