7 things to know about marrying a military man

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

by Jennifer O'Shea, founder of Teach.Workout.Love

It’s finally happened, you have found the man of your dreams. He is a military man but you don’t care! You are in love! Many women have no idea what it means to marry a military man. While you are hastily planning the rest of your life, there are a few things that you should know.

1. Traditions are a thing of the past. Going to Grandma’s for Christmas and having the family over for a barbecue Memorial Day weekend might be a thing of the past. After marrying a military man, your location will not be chosen based on where your family is. Servicemen may also miss every single holiday in a year, including births and deaths.

2. You will be far from your family, friends and each other. If you are lucky, you might end up near friends or family at some point. This is not often and very rare, but the fact that you move around a lot can put you near family members at some point. However, do not get your hopes up because it is impossible to accommodate everyone’s wants and needs location wise.

3. You have to be able to drop everything, move and start over. This is a requirement if you want a successful marriage with a military man. You both are going to be moving and leaving and moving and leaving. Adaptability needs to now be apart of your life, and acceptance of this new life situation. Know that it is possible to do and there are so many support systems for military spouses that continue to uproot year after year.

4. It’s hard to make friends when you move. Depending on the location of where you move to and the career path of your military man, living on base may or may not be an option. Either location, both are hard to make friends. It is best to keep an open mind going into any location that you are moved to and try to find friends immediately.

5. They cannot be at your side when you need them. Sometimes in life things happen when you might really need your significant other, but you have to accept that there will be times when they are not able to come to you or be with you.

6. Hasty Decision Making. Many military couples have to make decisions on really important topics at a quick pace. Buying a home, moving, selling items, careers, birth plans, loans, funeral arrangements, college, etc. These are all things that most couples will take their time on to make sure they are picking the right one, but most military couples will never have that much time before they have to jump right in.

7. If you fall in love, be prepared. Being in a relationship with a military man is definitely an experience that you need to be prepared for. It builds you into a strong, determined woman, who is always worrying, but the strength of love overbears all.


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